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 Some Frequently Asked Questions.

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PostSubject: Some Frequently Asked Questions.   Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:57 pm

Here's some frequently asked questions and answers.

Where do I get 4th reborn?
All reborns are found in the market.

Why are all my gears gone?
The server must have messed up or had a roll-back. You have lost all your items. Get new ones.

Why do GM/PM's not give me items or cps when I ask them?
Because it is one of their rules not to give you cps or items. If you continue spamming them you can be kicked.

I dc'ed when I was trading my character CPS. Can you help me?
It's not our fault if you disconnect. We give warnings when we are restarting the server. You shouldn't have been trading during that time. Also ANY member of staff cannot give you cps or items.

Can I be refunded of my server donation?
No. You cannot be refunded for donating to the server. Once you give your money to us, it is now the servers money. If you do not successfully receive what you donated for speak to a member of staff and I'm sure they will help you.

How do I get to become a Moderator?
You shouldn't be asking to become a moderator. The job of a moderator is to keep the chatbox clean from people who are just there to annoy people. You become a moderator by helping people and inviting peolpe to this server.

How do I get to become a GM?
You shouldn't be asking to become a GM. The job of a GM is to keep the server clean and help people. You can also become a GM by helping people and inviting people to our server. Although, if we are not looking for staff, you will not become a GM. We need people we can trust to be a GM. They have much power and can screw up the server a little. Which is why you must be patient. Also. If you always cause arguments and cuss on the chatbox or in game, and someone doesn't think you are fit to be a GM, you will not become a GM.

Why am I in botjail?
You are in botjail because you were caught using hacks or bots. If you believe you did nothing wrong you should make an appeal to a member of staff, but be warned. If you are released and are caught using hacks or bots again your IP address will be banned from the server.

Anymore questions? PC or whisper me in-game. Also thanks to Sizzle for giving me some information!

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PostSubject: Re: Some Frequently Asked Questions.   Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:05 pm

Good job.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions.
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